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Title Published In Author Genre Area of Medicine Keywords
"Her Adolescence" Duke Sara Tilley Fiction N/A Alcoholism, Consumption, Culture, Death and Dying, History of Medicine/Science, Home Care, Hospitals, Infectious Disease, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nurses/Nursing, Tuberculosis
Impact Sweet Life Linda Biasotto Fiction Internal Medicine Car Accident, Communication, Death and Dying, Grief, Head Injury, Hospitals, Intensive Care, Love, Mourning, Ventilator
Chemo Side Effects: Memory Chameleon Hours Elise Partridge Poetry Oncology Altered Perception, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Language
Through Dooms of Love Through Dooms of Love Karl Stern Fiction Psychiatry Asylum, Culture, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Doctors, Genocide, Grief, Love, Memory, Mental Illness, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, Stroke
Doctors + Patience Saturday Night Magazine Marni Jackson Non-fiction Family Medicine/General Practice Communication, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Doctors, Empathy, Medical Education, Professionalism
In McGillivray Township's Cherry Trees Juanita Wildrose: My True Life Susan Downe Poetry Geriatrics, Palliative Care Aging, Death and Dying, Grief, Love, Men's Health
Getting Ready (Joy) Juanita Wildrose: My True Life Susan Downe Poetry Geriatrics Aging, Death and Dying, Dignity, Grief, Pain, Women
MRI Hungry: poems Daniel Karasik Poetry Anesthesia, Neurology Hospitals, Power, Technology
Room Full of Blood boYs Kathleen Winter Fiction Obstetrics and Gynecology Childbirth, Women's Health
Swing Low: A Life Miriam Toews Non-fiction Psychiatry Depression, Mental Illness, Suicide
Counting Backwards Is Anne Simpson Poetry Anesthesia
Post Apothecary Post-Apothecary Sandra Ridley Poetry Psychiatry Altered Perception, Hospitals, Mental Illness, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
Glosa Ecstasy of Skeptics Steven Heighton Poetry Family Medicine/General Practice Aging, Communication, Culture, Death and Dying, Dignity, Grief, Language
Spanish Insane Asylym, 1941 Botero's Beautiful Horses Jan Conn Poetry Psychiatry Altered Perception, Communication, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Hospitals, Mental Illness, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
Headlines Hooking Mary Dalton Poetry Doctors, Newfoundland & Labrador
Seed Catalogue Seed Catalogue Robert Kroetsch Poetry Psychiatry Culture, Humor, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
Torpor Distillo Basma Kavanagh Poetry Palliative Care Grief
Stormy Weather Stormy Weather Stan Dragland Poetry Family Medicine/General Practice Aging, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Doctors, Ethics, Humor, Men's Health, Newfoundland & Labrador, Physician Income, Professionalism
The Myth of Orpheus Gift Horse Mark Callanan Poetry Internal Medicine Death and Dying, Hospitals, Intensive Care, Nurses/Nursing, Ventilator
Ah Spring Watermarks Joanne Page Poetry Infectious Disease, Public Health