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Title Published Insort descending Author Genre Area of Medicine Keywords
More Than 50%: Woman's life in a Newfoundland Outport, 1900-1950 Hilda Chaulk Murray Non-fiction N/A Childbirth, Funeral, Midwifery, Newfoundland & Labrador, Pregnancy
The Brow of Dawn: One Woman’s Journey With MS Catherine Edward Other Pathology Disability, Humor, Multiple Sclerosis
Anil's Ghost Michael Ondaatje Fiction N/A Forensics, Genocide, War
Little Horse Susan Downe Poetry Oncology Body Image, Breast, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Grief, Women's Health
Super pills: The prescription drugs we love to take Steven Manners Non-fiction N/A Pharmaceuticals, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
Swing Low: A Life Miriam Toews Non-fiction Psychiatry Depression, Mental Illness, Suicide
Headhunter Timothy Findley Fiction Psychiatry Epidemics, Mental Illness, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
Dying Hard: Industrial Carnage in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland Elliott Leyton Non-fiction Occupational Med. Cancer, Industrialization, Newfoundland & Labrador, Work
Skinny Ibi Kaslik Fiction N/A Body Image, Eating Disorder, Medical Education
Fascia (from So Beautiful; pp. 37-47) Ramona Dearing Fiction N/A Alternative Medicine, Pain
Getting over Edgar Joan Barfoot Fiction Psychiatry Grief, Mental Illness, Mourning, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, Sexuality
Tempting Providence Robert Chafe Dramatic work Consumption, Midwifery, Nurses/Nursing, Tuberculosis
My Left Breast Gerry Rogers Film Oncology Breast, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Hair Loss, Humor, Love, Survival, Women in Medicine
Scar Tissue Michael Ignatieff Non-fiction Neurology Love, Memory
Cupid and the Silent Goddess Alan Fisk Fiction Psychiatry Autism
Still Life with June Darren Greer Fiction Psychiatry Alcoholism, Depression, Developmental Delay, Sexuality, Suicide
The Pillar of Fire Karl Stern Non-fiction Psychiatry Culture, Doctor-Patient Relationship, History of Medicine/Science, Medical Education, Professionalism, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, Religion, Research, Science, Spirituality, War
January, February, June or July Helen Fogwell Porter Fiction Family Medicine/General Practice Abortion, Adolescence, Women, Newfoundland & Labrador
Remembering Honey Elaine Hogg Fiction N/A Pet
Histories Andrew Steinmetz Poetry N/A Cancer, Depression, Head Injury, Memory, Suicide, Vertigo