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Title Published Insort descending Author Genre Area of Medicine Keywords
The Custodian of Paradise Wayne Johnston Fiction Alcoholism, Disability, Tuberculosis, Newfoundland & Labrador
Diamond: A Memoir of 100 Days Dawn Rae Downton Non-fiction Oncology Cancer, Death and Dying, Grief, Mourning
The Last Days of Okak Anne Budgell and Nigel Markham Film Microbiology History of Medicine/Science, Infectious Disease, Newfoundland & Labrador
Requiem for My Brother Marian Botsford Fraser Non-fiction Neurology, Oncology Death and Dying, Love, Multiple Sclerosis
A Short Journey by Car Liam Durcan Fiction N/A Culture, Dentistry, Doctors, Ethics, Love, Memory, Mourning, Parenting, Popular Culture, Science, Suicide
Suffer Little Children Dereck O'Brien Non-fiction Pediatrics Child Abuse, Children, Dignity, Parenting, Power, Newfoundland & Labrador
An Audience of Chairs Joan Clark Fiction Psychiatry Mental Illness, Schizophrenia
Slow Dance: A Story of Stroke, Love and Disability Bonnie Sherr Klein Non-fiction Neurology Women, Disability, Communication, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Doctors, Hospitals, Intensive Care
Morgentaler: A Difficult Hero Catherine Dunphy Non-fiction Obstetrics and Gynecology Abortion, Law, Women
The Golden Cell: Stem Cells, Gene Therapy and the Quest for the Next Great Medical Breakthrough Karen van Kampen Non-fiction Genetics Genetic Engineering, Genetics
The Final Diagnosis Arthur Hailey Fiction Laboratory Medicine Hospitals, Medical Mistakes, Technology
Pleasant Street Gerry Rogers Film Oncology Breast, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Grief, Hair Loss, Love, Survival
Consumption Kevin Patterson Fiction Consumption, Culture, Infectious Disease, Language, Medical Mistakes, Sexuality, Tuberculosis, Violence
Becoming Human Jean Vanier Other Family Medicine/General Practice Autonomy, Developmental Delay, Dignity, Disability, Empathy, Ethics, Spirituality
After Daniel: A Suicide Survivor's Tale Moira Farr Non-fiction Psychiatry Adolescence, Alcoholism, Child Abuse, Communication, Death and Dying, Depression, Funeral, Love, Medical Education, Parenting, Suicide
Don't Have Your Baby In The Dory! H. Gordon Green Non-fiction Childbirth, Consumption, Midwifery, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nurses/Nursing, Trauma
The Diseases of Affluence Kevin Patterson Fiction Industrialization
Like a Salmon Getting Me Down (from When X Equals Marylou, pp. 19-25) Tamas Dobozy Fiction N/A Alcoholism, Depression, Drug Addiction, Violence
The Origin of Species Nino Ricci Fiction Neurology Multiple Sclerosis
The Edible Woman Margaret Atwood Fiction Psychiatry Body Image, Eating Disorder, Humor, Women