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Titlesort descending Published In Author Genre Area of Medicine Keywords
Slow Dance: A Story of Stroke, Love and Disability Bonnie Sherr Klein Non-fiction Neurology Women, Disability, Communication, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Doctors, Hospitals, Intensive Care
"Her Adolescence" Duke Sara Tilley Fiction N/A Alcoholism, Consumption, Culture, Death and Dying, History of Medicine/Science, Home Care, Hospitals, Infectious Disease, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nurses/Nursing, Tuberculosis
(Still) Life Questions and Answers pp. 37-65 Alison Pick Poetry N/A Childbirth, Depression, Genocide, Ventilator
19 Knives 19 Knives Mark Anthony Jarman Fiction Psychiatry, Family Medicine/General Practice Death and Dying, Drug Addiction, Methadone, Overdose
3 a.m. Ars Medica 2006 2(2): p. 48 Priyadarshini Raju Poetry Altered Perception
A Commission in Lunacy The Topography of Love Bernice Morgan Fiction Psychiatry Aging, Asylum, Depression, Grief, Hospitals, Mental Illness, Newfoundland & Labrador, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
A Height of Years The Weight of Oranges, pp. 18-19 Anne Michaels Poetry Death and Dying
A Jest of God Margaret Laurence Fiction Aging, Love, Parenting, Pregnancy, Sexuality, Women
A Litany in Time of Plague A Litany in Time of Plague K.D. Miller Fiction Family Medicine/General Practice Death and Dying, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Love, Mourning, Sexuality
A Plague Year Journal Michael Estok Poetry Death and Dying, Doctor-Patient Relationship, Epidemics, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Sexuality
A Psychoanalyst's Companion Ars Medica 2(2): pp. 17-25 Mavis Himes Non-fiction Psychiatry Doctor-Patient Relationship, Mental Illness, Pet, Professionalism, Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
A Short Journey by Car Liam Durcan Fiction N/A Culture, Dentistry, Doctors, Ethics, Love, Memory, Mourning, Parenting, Popular Culture, Science, Suicide
Acts of God Hard Light, p. 18 Michael Crummey Fiction Occupational Med. Blisters, Newfoundland & Labrador
After Daniel: A Suicide Survivor's Tale Moira Farr Non-fiction Psychiatry Adolescence, Alcoholism, Child Abuse, Communication, Death and Dying, Depression, Funeral, Love, Medical Education, Parenting, Suicide
After Image Flesh & Blood; pp. 15-28 Michael Crummey Fiction Anatomy Blindness, Burns, Nurses/Nursing, Newfoundland & Labrador
Ah Spring Watermarks Joanne Page Poetry Infectious Disease, Public Health
An Audience of Chairs Joan Clark Fiction Psychiatry Mental Illness, Schizophrenia
Anil's Ghost Michael Ondaatje Fiction N/A Forensics, Genocide, War
Antibiotics The Singer's Broken Throat, p. 40 Des Walsh Poetry Family Medicine/General Practice Infectious Disease, Religion, Newfoundland & Labrador
Babette Trains of Winnipeg, pp. 64-65 Clive Holden Poetry Psychiatry Survival, Suicide, Grief, Death and Dying